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Essays are a special essay type. They are located between discussion and housework and contain the opinion of the author.
You have to write an essay as a homework assignment? Nothing can go wrong with our tips!
Essay means translated “trial”; It is a treatise in which the focus is on dealing with a scientific or literary topic. A question is discussed in a concise but challenging form.
An essay is characterized by a clear structure and a witty content. The topics covered are thought-provoking.
Building an essay
An essay consists of introduction, main part and final. However, you do not make them by headings, but by paragraphs.

Even subheadings you can leave. It is important that your content has a clear sequence, so you do not lose the “red thread” when writing.
a) Introduction
For example, you can get started with the topic you are dealing with with a current event. This is also a good reason for choosing the topic.
If a teacher specifies the topic, a logical explanation of “your” choice is still a good hitch. Essays in an essay are problems, contentious issues, research opinions or empirical problems.
Other possible entries are a personal event, facts or anecdote. The important thing is that you encourage your readers to read your essay. After the reason you lead to the thesis of your work.
b) main part
The main part is composed of three to five arguments to the thesis presented in the introduction. You explain important statements and look at them from different perspectives. You affirm or refute positions (your own and others) with justifications and examples.
Here it is crucial that you work out the significant aspects comprehensible. You can deal critically and subjectively with the topic, as long as you justify your views well.
Here it is advisable to first write down your thoughts and, for example, create a mind map on the topic. This will give you an overview for writing the essay.
c) Conclusion

Here you should not repeat the arguments of your main part. You can give an opinion on the topic, which is not finalized. It is best if you include a deliberate consideration and raise further questions on the subject.
As a result, the reader develops his own thoughts and opinions on the topic. If he studies the subject in more detail after reading, you have reached your goal.

More tips

• An essay is usually five to ten pages long. Stick to this information and pay attention to what the teacher is doing.
• You do not need footnotes in the text, but you should create a bibliography at the end. If you reproduce the opinion of someone else, you make it clear in the text by indirect speech: Author xy said in his book “xyz” that …
Direct quotes have nothing to do with an essay!
• Use a well-understood language. You should not write too scientifically and not too banal. Good formulations coupled with stylistic means (alliteration, metaphor, etc.) make for the reader a pleasant mix.
• Make a schedule so that you can finish on time and correct the work after a break. In addition, you can have the essay read by a second person.
• Log your arguments logically and find good reasons to underpin them.
• Use an active language and avoid passive sentences. Do not use phrases or fill sets. Avoid filler words to keep your text concise and informative.

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