How to Write a One-Page Response Paper

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Today I’m going to talk with you about how to write a one page response paper. A lot of times you’re going to run into classes in which you have to write very short responses to readings. And it’s sort of very hard sometimes to figure out what you need to include in these responses. First of all, what you would like to, what you need to do is actually make it into an essay type of format. Even though you’re not going to really delve into a lot of things in your one page response, you’re going to have to have an introduction, and a body and a conclusion to it, nope regardless so that it will make some sort of sense. Format it like any other paper. Cite, lines in it like any other paper. Online citations. If you need to you can a citations page. But hopefully you won’t get that in depth. The idea behind a one page response paper is to give one of your ideas about the reading. So in other words to really literally respond to it just sort off the cuff. So the first thing that you want to write about is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about what you just read. So, you’re also going to want to give it, your name and date. And also give it a little bit of a title because that’ll help ground the response paper in itself. And will make it more interesting for you write as well as more interesting for your professor to read. And so, once you’ve got all this down and you’ve actually really taken the time to write your one page response paper, you should do very well with it.

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