Recognizing and developing potential: potential analysis and mindtelling

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Today, the word “potential analysis” is part of everyday life for many large companies. It tests what the company and its employees are capable of. But unleash potential: how does that work?
Recognizing and developing potential: analysis of potential and mind-telling The development of individual potential, of course, is not just about the job, but about life in general. Even when studying, many people reach their limits and ask themselves how they can improve and shift their boundaries. For this purpose, one’s own potential must first be recognized and then activated.

Recognize potential

In IBM’s Global CEO Study 2010, 1,500 CEOs worldwide expect to increase their companies ‘success by better accessing their employees’ creative potential. This fact should also make us think in person. Because even if the top managers of this world consider the hidden potential in humans as crucial for the future of their companies, one can assume that it could also be useful for our individual career and our lives to deal with what we really are to get out of us. How can we develop our potential?

The neurobiologist and brain researcher Gerald Hüther says in a special supplement to the Süddeutsche Zeitung: “We are all just a pugnacious version of what we could be.” The thesis here is that every human being has untapped potential and could actually make more out of it To be more successful, better with stress and deal with serious situations. At this point the website and the workshops of Mindtelling start.


Mindtelling, or the company MehrWollen, was founded in January 2016 by the former student of biochemistry and neurobiology Dennis Tröger. The idea behind the company is to help people develop their hidden potential in their job and life. In concrete terms, for example, this means reducing uncertainty, increasing the ability to concentrate and strengthening decision-making ability.

The invisible friend

A particularly interesting concept of mindtelling is that the participants of courses or members registered on the website create their own heroic figure and also learn to perceive life as a kind of heroic epic.

Developing potential means, in the first step, creating a figure that has already achieved everything that the participants still want to achieve. The concept is by no means new. Idols have existed since time immemorial: from gods – “What would Jesus do?” – to rock stars, we tend to look for role models. This is associated with the now very important in marketing “storytelling”. We conceive and pursue the qualities and history of our hero.

Of course, one general problem is that we are not this other person we have chosen as a role model. And you can be quite critical of the idea of ​​constantly wishing to be someone else or at least someone else. In Mindtelling’s concept, this problem is to some extent undermined as we are to create the hero himself, and thus he is part of us.

Do we have to be all heroes?

While it is certainly not wrong to want to develop and set goals, one can argue about advertising rates such as “never again self-doubt!” At Mindtelling. Because self-doubts are perfectly fine now and then, and we should also be allowed to show weakness and be stressed. A world full of unrelenting heroes sounds quite inhuman and without moments of defeat and failure, the successes lose importance.

Conclusion: The concept of Mindtelling must therefore be viewed from two sides: It is definitely not desirable if you think the “hero life for everyone” to end and you should – especially considering the sympathy level of people who consider themselves the greatest – be able to question the whole thing.

On the other hand, this is a relatively fresh and interesting approach for people who feel, for example, at work or study at a dead end. So, if you do not rush blindly into the matter, there’s nothing wrong with trying on the concept of Mindtelling.

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