Tips for SpeedReading: Quick reading during your studies

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Which methods and exercises really help to read texts faster and still understand them? And in which areas can you make sensible use of SpeedReading as a student?
SpeedReading tips: Quick reading during your studies Regardless of whether an immense stack of books has to be rolled in preparation for exams or you need the mountain to read your homework or even the final thesis: most students probably want to read faster. The good news is you can actually learn that with the SpeedReading method.

Reading and understanding about 200 to 400 words per minute (WpM) is considered average by students. According to, it is possible to double your own reading speed within 14 days and still maintain the reading comprehension. The advantages are obvious: you save a lot of time and still work effectively. We’ll tell you how it works.

Targets of SpeedReading

• Increasing the reading speed while maintaining text comprehension

• long-term storage of the read in the memory

• Confidence in upcoming examinations or scientific papers with regard to the reading material to be processed

The speedreading formula

The scientific reading of specialist literature is of course much more complex than a shallow woman’s novel. So of course, it takes some practice to apply SpeedReading as effectively as you can to fiction.

With the speedreading formula invented by the Düsseldorf Business Administration student, Mario Reinwarth, you will learn methods with which you can double your reading speed within 2 weeks. The formula is based on 5 reading habits of Olympic champions in SpeedReading.

Especially important in speed or power reading is that you work in a concentrated manner, avoiding the jump back in the text and the associated multiple reading of individual passages. In the online seminar you will learn in 6 lessons with a total playing time of 60 minutes and so on. How to unconsciously activate a technique that allows you to capture multiple words at a glance, find specific words faster within a text, and make sense of a leaf within 5 seconds.

SpeedReading methods

Read and understand faster using scimming texts
The so-called scimming means to capture a text in maximum speed line by line completely visually. In order for something to actually get stuck in the long-term memory, it is important that the new information be integrated into an existing knowledge network. There are innumerable such networks of knowledge in our brain, but not all of them can be active at the same time. Knowledge that is no longer needed for a long time is overlaid by newer information.

This also explains why it is much more useful for the reading comprehension to read a text twice faster than once only slowly. Existing knowledge networks need to be activated in advance to prepare your brain for information. This is done by the first skimming over of the text. Conceptualities that you already know automatically perceive your brain, which unconsciously stimulates the corresponding knowledge networks. With the second scimming, the new information is incorporated faster into the knowledge network. Time-consuming jumping back in the text (regressions) is therefore also superfluous.

Scanning – Specific search for specific terms

Scanning is a method in which your eyes search slalom-like the individual text pages to filter out specific keywords, terms or numbers. It is a kind of cross reading.

That here not as much information gets stuck as when skimming is clear. The method is therefore particularly suitable if you just want to get a brief overview of a specific topic or are looking for the answer to a particular question.

How much does a SpeedReading seminar cost?

If you use the SpeedReading formula yourself and want to increase your reading speed, then you can not acquire any software, but you have access to the online seminar Speedreading Formula. This includes educational videos, checklists and mind maps.

Granted, the online seminar is not quite cheap with a regular price of 199 €. As well, that it is currently offered at a special price of 67 euros. Incidentally, in addition to the online seminar, there will be a free audio course for a short time.
Also, the inventor of the SpeedReading formula, Mario Reinwarth, scores a 60-day money-back guarantee. So you can put the video seminar through its paces thoroughly and then decide if you are happy with your progress. If not, just send an e-mail and you will get your money back.

Is SpeedReading worthwhile for students?

SpeedReading is worthwhile for you as a student, especially if you have to sift through a large amount of literature, such as writing a term paper, in a short time in order to filter out the information that is really relevant to you. In addition, this tool is also helpful when it comes to getting a brief overview of a topic.

However, to use the method effectively requires a lot of practice. Woody Allen, who after a SpeedReading course read Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” in just 20 minutes, proves that things can g

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