Wrong study choice: What’s next?

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Despite graduating break make great career? It works: Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have done it. But it is important that you find a good alternative that suits your needs.
Maybe you know the problem: the study grows over your head, the topics have nothing to do with what you have imagined during your studies and the thought of the next exam period ensures already for sweaty hands. No fear. Like you, there are thousands of students every year, because not always is the chosen study or even the study subject the right choice.

But what should one do in this situation? Simply exmatriculating is rarely a good idea. Instead, you should first think about the possibilities and alternatives after dropping out.

Dropout: No improvement despite Bologna

Many educational experts had expected that the nationwide introduction of the bachelor’s program could achieve a drop in student drop-out rates. But the opposite is the case. The quotas have been stable for years and in parts even exceed the quotas of the former diploma and Magister degree programs.

However, you have to differentiate different subjects. Particularly high rates with more than 40% dropouts are common in STEM subjects.

Mathematics, physics and chemistry are next to electrical engineering the subjects with the highest studies demolition rate. But even in the Department of Psychology, which has the lowest drop-out rate, the number is still at a stately 14 percent. As you can see, if you are thinking of stopping your studies, then you are not alone.

Fun Fact: Even dropouts can be enormously successful. A university degree is not always the basis for the absolute success in the world of work. Take a look at the successful businessmen and inventors of the last decades. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have all quit their studies to become particularly successful and start businesses that are now traded on the stock market at billions.

What we mean by that is not always the termination of a study is the worst choice. Sometimes such a failure can also help to re-evaluate one’s own talents and possibilities and to follow one’s own strengths accordingly.

What alternatives do you have after leaving university?

First of all, you should think about why you have chosen your study program and which parts of the study have caused you to think about a demolition.

If you still like your subject and you are currently just getting too busy, this may only be a temporary (exam) phase and you should give yourself 1-2 months to rethink whether you want to continue in the program or not.

On the other hand, have you just followed the current trends in study choice and did not consider your own interests? Did not the thematic field of study particularly appeal to you, even though you did not feel overwhelmed by the effort and the work? Then it can make sense to choose a different course of study and to start a study again. Thus, you can still complete a successful university education, even if you have canceled your first degree.

Tip: If you are wondering which course of study to choose, then you can easily find out through our free study choice test.

Student dropouts as target group

In addition to the opportunity to change to another degree course, you still have the option to start an apprenticeship.

Many companies offer special training programs for dropouts. These training programs usually include a shortened turbo training, which in many cases concludes directly with the master’s degree in the relevant field. Thus, you can still catch up on the time that you have used for your studies and orient yourself in a completely different area.

In addition, many companies are very happy to drop out because they have already gained initial experience in scientific work and independent organization. Finally, only a few programs are discontinued due to lack of capacity. The change to a new work and subject area can work wonders here.

So you see, stopping to study is not always the wrong or wrong choice. Even if it is difficult for you to admit a “failure”, it still makes sense to deal with the alternatives. After all, you do not want to sacrifice too much of your lifetime in a study that is not yours, that you do not enjoy, or that in the worst case, you still will not finish.

A determined termination of studies can often be a better choice and give you the opportunity to take your future into your own hands again. And do not worry, dropping out is not a real flaw in your resume. It’s more likely to show that you can deal with your own decisions and admit mistakes.

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